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2000-09-17 - EPE PIC Source Code Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The code from Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine (US Site/ UK Site) articles can be found here. Here is a web-style PIC Project Mirror maintained by Thomas Stratford.

2000-03-03 - - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Large collection of PIC code.

2000-03-05 - Microchip App Notes - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This is the complete list of Microchip Application notes.

2000-03-19 - PICLIST Archive - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Quite a few PIC related projects or links under PIC FAQs.

2000-03-03 - S. Wieman's PIC archive - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Large collection of PIC code.

2000-03-20 - Scenix App Notes - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
A wide range of Scenix example code.

2000-03-05 - The PIC Archive - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Many good links to files.


2000-03-05 - 1200 baud FSK modem - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Sources and schematic are available.

2000-03-27 - AFSK 1200 Modem - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Uses PIC16C620 chip

2000-03-05 - Caller ID / DTMF Audio Decoder - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Many links for Caller ID including PIC code.

2000-03-20 - Digital Frequency Synthesizer - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Richard Ottosen has developed a SX-based improved version of the Digital Frequency Synthesizer described in Tom Napier's article "Digital Frequency Synthesis" in issue 99 (October 1998) of Circuit Cellar INK.

2000-03-10 - DTMF - Decoding with a 1-bit A/D converter - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Excellent theory on performing this operation with some example PIC code.

2000-03-05 - DTMF Encoder - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
DTMF Encoder by David B. Thomas with wakeup on keypress. Generates tones on-chip from two pins.

2000-03-05 - Ellis' CallerID - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Caller ID (ex-SU "2 from 6" standard) decoder schematics and descriptions.

2000-03-05 - IPABXwPP - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Intelligent Private Automatic Bi-eXchange with Privacy Phone. A small, but effective exchange, for use with "distinctive ringing".

2000-03-05 - Magic Sinewave Library - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
"Magic sinewaves" are repeating long sequences of ones and zeros. They have higher efficiencies and lower distortions as compared to PWM. A Don Lancaster site.

2000-03-05 - Malcolm Goris' Sin/Cos code - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
CORDIC-based Sin and Cos Subroutine for PIC Microcontrollers.

2001-01-10 - Median Filtering - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Median filters are better at characterizing signals with non-gaussian noise, esp. if the noise occurs in a few spikes. Median filters also involve NO MATH, a big plus for 8 bit microcontrollers. Code by Lawrence Lile.

2000-03-05 - PC NummerViser - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
CLIP-device for use with a PC, on the danish PSTN. Connects to a standard COM-port, and displays incoming calls with number, and (if stored in the phonebook), name, picture and sound. The hardware can also be used as a general purpose DTMF to RS232 converter.

2003-03-16 - PIC16C74 UART Driver - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Heavily commented assembly language program/document in MPLAB format that details how to use the PIC16C74's built-in UART. The reason the file is so large is that it contains copious notes on all the little GOTCHAS that you have to contend with.

2000-03-05 - PICWave Audio Function Generator - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
PICWave by Jaco Swart takes a clock input and produces a clock/240 sine wave output.

2000-09-13 - POCSAG encoder & POCFLEX 4 level decoder - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Henry Ott has designed a system that is specifically designed to encode multiple pre-programmed numeric messages to pocsag compatible pagers.

2000-03-20 - Scenix Telephony Apps - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
DTMF Detection, DTMF Generation (PWM), FSK Modulation/Demodulation, Call-Progress Detection, CallerID (type I) Demodulation, Ring Detection

2000-03-05 - Sine function & PWM DTMF - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
PIC16C5x code for implementing the sine function and DTMF using Pulse Width Modulation.

2000-03-05 - Sine Generation, Sine Wave Theory & PWM - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Sine generation, PWM, and math routines can be found here. Also there's an excellent section on Sine, DTMF decoding, and math theory.

2000-05-23 - SNAP - Scaleable Node Address Protocol - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
S.N.A.P is an free and open network protocol. One Implementation is in PIC assembler.

2000-03-05 - Spread Spectrum - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
PIC17C42 Firmware PN Generator - De-Spreader (Use for TX or RX), FBASIC TICKIT PN Generator, & more.

2000-03-05 - Steven Hardy's DTMF coding/decoding - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
No other info is available.

2000-03-20 - UART Virtual Peripheral - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Eric's Scenix full duplex software UART Virtual Peripheral code. It also demonstrates techniques for implementing circular buffers, hexadecimal output, text message output, and multiplexed use of I/O pins for both switches and LEDs.


2000-03-05 - Andrew Warren's Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
A tiny encryption algorithm, BCD clock, day of the week, minimum value, and bcd-to-binary PIC code can be found here.

2000-03-05 - CryptoPIC - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Want to integrate strong cryptography in your PIC program? Need a good random number generator? Take a look at this routine collection by Marco Di Leo.

2000-03-20 - DES & SKIPJACK - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Eric has implemented DES on a PIC and SKIPJACK cryptographic algorithms on a PIC & Scenix.

2004-01-03 - PC1 Encryption cipher with 128-bit keys - Posted by: alexander pukall
This site contains the source code for PC1 Encryption Cipher with 128-bit keys for a lot of PIC Microchip


2000-03-05 - CAN Hardware & Software - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Schematics for these Controller Area Network devices & more.

2000-03-05 - DMX512 Transmitter/Receiver/Display - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
One circuit presented here implements an analog voltage to DMX512 converter, another DMX512 to analog voltage, etc.

2000-03-11 - GameBoy-to-PC Cable uses PIC Chip - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here's a schematic of the cable made by Mad Catz which appears to use a PIC chip as an interface. The circuitry all fits inside the clear purple DB25 connector housing and uses a DIP package that can easily be replaced with a machined socket. Check the Mad Catz page for suggested price & cable photo. (

2000-03-05 - Pecan - A Multi-PIC Protocol - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This protocol is primarily designed to allow multiple PICs to communicate with each other over a single shared line.

2003-12-02 - PIC DAS - A PIC Based Data Acquisition System - Posted by: Steve Hageman
Here is a link to a PIC Based adat acquisition system that I published a while back. Enjoy!

2000-04-28 - PICLink: Computer-Calc cable compatible with the one from TI - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The PICLink enables data transfers between computers (PCs and MACs) and calculators from TI (TI7x, TI8x, TI9x...).

2000-03-05 - RC5 Decoding Program - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The program runs on a 16C84 and will decode the Philips RC5 Infrared remote control code and display them on a 2x16 LCD alphanumeric display.

2000-03-05 - Remote control Receiver/Decoder/Controller for Sony Discman - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Goal of project is to control Discman by original Sony remote controller.

2000-03-05 - RS-485 protocol & I2C Master - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Also, a proportional graphics LCD character set & delay macros.

2000-03-05 - RS232-to-LCD by Norm Cramer - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This program interfaces to an industry standard 2 line by 20 character display module.

2000-03-05 - RS232-to-LCD by Thomas Coonan - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Serial characters (jumper selectable to either 2400 or 9600bps) are displayed on the LCD.

2000-03-20 - SmartBow - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This program by Pavel Baranov creates HTML documents with Virtual Controls (LED, buttons, displays, etc.), that connect to a SX part through a COM port.

2000-03-05 - Sony & Panasonic video camera LANC Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
An assembly program for the PIC16C84 to control a video camera via Control-L.

2000-11-25 - Toshiba T6963 LCD Interface - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Schematics, code, and information for connecting this graphics LCD controller up to a 16F84.

2001-02-06 - Universal Infrared Receiver - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The universal infrared receiver is a small (1x2x1 inch) device that allows you to control your PC with the remote from your TV, VCR, CD or Stereo. It uses a 12C509 or a 16F84 and a few extra parts.

2000-03-20 - USB App Notes - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Application notes #9,#10,#11, & #12 show implementing NET2888 chip from NetChip with Scenix parts.

2000-03-05 - VacuumFlourescent Displays & Sony IR Receiver - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Another java application described here is handy for publishing PIC assembly listings on the web.


2000-10-10 - Cheung's Web Server - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Shematic and C source code for connecting an NE2000 10BaseT ethernet ISA card to a 16F877 for providing a small web server.

2000-06-08 - Denis Petrov's wwwPic - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
TCP/IP stack and HTTP-server in a PIC16F84.

2000-06-08 - Embedded 10BaseT Ethernet - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Code & schematics for adding Crystal CS8900A ethernet chip to a PIC16C74.

2000-06-15 - EMIT Evaluation Kit - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The new EMIT Evaluation Kit for PIC12C combines Microchip Technology's 8-pin microcontroller with emWare's EMIT network connectivity software to create the world's smallest Internet-accessible prototyping board. This tiny, low cost computer may be installed in places where networking was previously not practical.

2000-09-01 - Ethernet Evaluation Kit for SX-Stack - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Scenix is now offering 10BaseT ethernet support in their SX-Stack with support for the following modules: PPP, IP, TCP, ICMP, UDP, SMTP, HTTP, and POP3. Source code is included for each module in this US$99.00 kit.

2000-06-15 - Internet Appliance Board - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The EDTP Internet Appliance Development Board uses free software from emWare and Microchip to effect the basis of an Internet Appliance. This board is features in the June 2000 issue of Poptronics.

2000-06-08 - IPIC - 12c509-based Web Server - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This PIC web server is even smaller than Denis Petrov's wwwPic 16F84 web server. Also it claims to be compliant with all applicable requirements of RFC-1122.

2000-06-08 - Microchip AN724 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Using PICs to connect to the internet via PPP. Only IP is implemented. Not TCP as well which is often needed.

2000-06-25 - OpenPIC - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here is an open source archive for internet support for Pics. Some references to various ethernet tranceivers as well.

2000-08-17 - PIC16F877 does ARP, ICMP, UDP/IP with 3COM 3C509B Ethernet ISA card - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This PIC responds to ICMP echo ('ping') packets, and comunicates bidirectionally via UDP datagrams for control of the I/O ports and reading of their values, and has a severely disabled web server built-in (the TCP/HTTP implementation is still a little broke).

2001-11-28 - PIC16F877 ethernet board - Posted by: Kim Olesen
PIC16F877 and Realtek RTL8019AS combined to a very small HTTP webserver with "file system" on a 32Kb serial EEPROM. Userport's (3*digital out and 3*analogin)can be turned on/off and Analog indput value's can be displayed via HTML.

2000-06-08 - Richard Beales' Web Server - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This small HTTP server uses a 16F84 to deliver files stored in a 256kb I2C EEPROM over a serial SLIP connection. A file allocation table allows the server content to be modified without reprogramming the PIC. The schematic, C code, and inline assembly code are available for download.

2000-06-08 - TFTP Server on a PIC12C672 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Listed under "Internet Appliance Interface", PDF construction plans & C source code.

2000-06-08 - UWebserver - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
A 16F84 & a Seiko S7600 TCP/IP chip are used for this very small web server. Schematic in PDF format & source code are provided.

2001-02-05 - Winpenny Embedded Email Client - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Uses a PIC16F877, the S7600A TCP/IP stack chip from SeikoŽ and an Analog Modem to connect to an ISP and send Email (SMTP).

Lots of other PIC projects as well like Xmodem CRC, I2C implementation, Async serial, A-to-D, LCD interface, and stepper motor interface.

2000-06-25 - WWWPic2 - Posted by: Vincent Sanders
Another Web server in a pic, somewhat based upon Denis Petrov. Converted to use picasm ,have english comments and have generic delay routines so it can be run with any baud/pic frequency combination. There is also a new hardware design and ongoing development.


2000-03-15 - 4 Wire Keypad (4x3) Interfacing - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This describes a possible technique for interfacing a PIC to a standard 3x4 matrix keypad of the type commonly found in telephones.

2000-03-05 - AT keyboard Code Viewer - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Uses a 16C84 and 20x2 LCD display.

2000-06-08 - AT Keyboard host & AT Keyboard Emulation - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Both ends of the AT keyboard interface (host & keyboard) are emulated. Also, a PC keyboard FAQ can be found here as well.

2003-03-16 - Fr. Tom McGahee's Keypad - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Contains the PIC assembly language listing for a keypad door entry system that allows you to have several different entry codes and change them at will.

2001-01-22 - Interfacing 2 I/O lines of PIC with 4 buttons - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here's a pretty slick project developed by Vasile Surducan. Also, a PIC digital clock design and an example of adding an RS-232 receiver to a PIC that uses no extra ICs.

2000-03-06 - PC-Keyboard Emulator - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Pc-keyboard 'emulator', scans/debounces a 32 key keyboard communicates with pc-keyboard controller ( RX/TX inside int.), saves led/num status in local ram, functional repeat code, etc. etc.

2000-03-06 - QWERTY-to-Dvorak Convertor - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This little device translate at AT keyboard layout from QWERTY to dvorak. Only the PIC16C84 code is present. (no schematic)


2000-11-02 - Code Generation for Constant Multiplication/Division - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Highly efficient Pic assembly code that is generated for you.

2000-04-26 - Ken Webster's Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
64-bit FP library: Multiply, divide, subtract, add, 16-bit int to float, 32-bit int to float, 64-bit int to float, 8-bit uchar to float, 16-bit int to float, Float to 32-bit Int, compare, & Floor routines.

Also, SIN, COS, SQRT, etc.

2000-03-05 - Mark Sullivan's Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
8 bit unsigned multiply & divide routines.

2000-03-05 - Microchip App Notes Routines - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Fixed point, floating point, & floating point to Ascii math routines.

2000-03-03 - Myke Predko's Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Quite a bit of efficient math routines can be found here.

2000-03-03 - Scott Dattalo's Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Many useful functions including sine, arcsin, arctan, square root, log, parity, debounce, vertical counter, BCD, PWM, vertical adders, and va optimizer.


2000-12-31 - ALTIM1C - PIC-based Model Rocket Altimeter - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here's a PIC model rocket altimeter schematic that I reverse engineered in 1993. Here's the source code & ROM binary. Adept Rocketry has since gone out of business (it appears anyway) so I've decided to post the design for learning purposes. From disassembling the code I figured out that the code loops until a significant change of pressure occurs. At this point, it keeps the most current pressure reading BEFORE the change of pressure readings occured and compares this value to the minimum pressure reading that occurs. From these two extremes a measurement in feet is derived. This measurement is reported through a series of beeps from the speaker. I.E. Very short duration pause between beeps for digits, much longer duration pause between digits, very long duration pause between the complete number and starting over again reporting the complete number.

2000-03-03 - Andrew Warren's Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
A tiny encryption algorithm, BCD clock, day of the week, minimum value, and bcd-to-binary PIC code can be found here.

2000-03-20 - Blinking LED - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here is a very simple Scenix application with an SX-Key connector shown as well.

2000-03-03 - David Thomas'(DeeT's) Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Video Clock Superimposer, VCR Pong, Guitar Tuner, Midi Sender, DTMF Encoder, and info on using the MAX3100 UART with the PIC.

2000-04-15 - DMX-512 Transmitter/Receiver - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Kelly has posted the schematic, source code, hex file and description of his DMX circuits.

2000-03-03 - Eric Smith's PIC Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Code is available for: Closed-Caption decoder, PIC-Tock (video clock), Sona-PIC,DTMF Dialer using PWM, X-Y Monitor Tester, Remote control for Sony A/V equipment, DES-PIC-able cryptographic source code ( code now available!), SKIPJACK cryptographic source code, Hardware UART demo/test program.

Code is not currently available for: PIC-Pong, Whirlessgig, AKA Flashy Pin, Automatic plant watering timer, Loboto-Mouse (serial mouse to quadrature decoder), CD changer controller, Sega Genesis keyboard interface, HP 82143A to RS-232 interface, O.J. Mute-O-Matic.

2000-12-31 - Pete's Project Pages - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
He's got projects using PICs that range from digital camera control, cheap altimeters, and RF telemetry. Lots of RC/model rocket PIC projects.

2001-01-09 - Pic-based "Simon" - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This is based on an old handheld electronic game "Simon." Through 4 pushbutton switches, the user attempts to mirror an increasingly difficult sequence of blinking LEDs and speaker tones. Upon successful game completion (of 63 moves), the game sounds a cycling series of tones.

2000-03-13 - PIC12C509 - Getting Around the Stack Limitation - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The 12C5 series PIC has only a two level stack which limits the number of nested subroutine calls to two. In the following programs an alternative user stack is presented which provides the programmer with alternative "call" and "return" capability.

2000-03-13 - Posit - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Multitask Microcore for PIC16C84 based systems by Pavel Baranov.

2000-12-12 - Real time Clock and Calendar - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Foundation code required for time keeping.

2000-09-17 - Reggie's PIC Micro Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here are LOTS of code snippets he has posted/contributed on the Piclist.

2000-05-03 - Richard Ottosen's PIC Altimeter - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
A popular SPT is this RS-232 based barometric altimeter.

2000-03-18 - RocketRoos - Model Rocket Altimeter/Data Logger/Chute Control - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
16C84 software is included as well for this design.

2000-04-10 - SmartMedia / PIC Interface Design - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Check the October 1999 issue of Circuit Cellar for examples of SmartMedia interface.

2000-03-13 - SnipPIC - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Various routines: Case statement, Converting a 3-bit number in a 8-bit mask, Divide 16-bit by 8-bit, Continious delay, Divide by 3, Compute parity, BCD to binary, BCD (packed) to binary, BCD (packed) addition, BCD (packed) subtraction, Binary to BCD (packed), Multiple byte increment and decrement, Conversion of byte to percentage, Convert byte to HEX, Complement carry flag, Moving data block, & Rotating register.

2000-03-03 - Steve Lawther's Electronic and Microcontroller Projects - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
My PC AT keyboard code viewer; uses a 16C84 and 20x2 LCD display, Quick test circuit and code for Toshiba T6963C based graphic displays, small mobile robot, routines to decode the Bourns 128 position Absolute Contacting Encoders, various data loggers circuits with logging capacities up to 100 of MBytes, info on USB chips, and demo Code for reading a Dallas DS1820 digital temperature sensor.

2000-03-05 - The Burdette switcher - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
A simple switching power supply using only junk box or "off the shelf from Radio Shack" components .

2000-03-13 - Using a PIC for Speech - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Circuit celler article.


2000-03-05 - DS1820 based-Thermometer - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Uses Dallas DS1820 1-wire digital thermometer part.

2000-03-17 - Electronic Compass Board - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
12C508 that will return the direction as a number from 0 to 7 in a single byte number at 2400 baud when the trigger line is cycled from a 1 to a 0 and back to a 1.

2000-03-11 - Frequency Counter Project - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Peter Cousins updated the schematic and Mark Willis took the TIFF file and "mutated" it into PNG and BMP formats, so most anyone should be able to read the graphics file.

2000-12-29 - GPS Display - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Working on a PIC based GPS display with the "US$ 20 GPS".

2003-03-16 - PIC Capacitance Meter - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Includes full schematics and printed circuit board layout, parts list, instructions, parts placement diagrams, and complete text of the assembly file. The Digital Capacitance Meter will measure from .01 pf to 16,777.215 ufd.

2000-03-13 - PIC-O'Scope - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The proposed specs of the PIC-O'Scope are about 40 Megasamples per second max. sample rate (can be made lower),64K sample memory,traditional level/slope triggering (possibly complex triggering later),probably a 20MHz input bandwidth, 8 bit resolution, and scale factors from 10mV/div up to 1V/div.

2000-04-01 - Ralph Stickley's Serial Register Monitor - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This DOS program (written in Borland C 3.1) for the PC and the asm code added to your PIC project makes use of any available hardware RS-232 port to poll and display all on-chip register variables. The PC software parses the MPLINK map file so that the variables are displayed using thier names rather than just the register number.

2000-03-05 - Steve Lawther's Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Demo Code for reading a Dallas DS1820 digital temperature sensor.

2000-03-05 - Thermistor based Digital Thermometer - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This is a 3 LED digit readout thermometer by Mike Predko.


2000-03-05 - CD Changer Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Also lots of other PIC projects on Eric's page.

2000-03-05 - Guitar Tuner - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Also lots of other PIC projects on DeeT's page.

2000-03-05 - MIDI Footswitch - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Source code and schematics available.

2000-04-12 - MP3 Public - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
16C56a is used as a controller for a MP3 player design.

2000-03-20 - NETtel/Router MP3 Player - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here a NETtel router is turned into an MP3 Player using a Scenix chip as part of the modification.

2000-03-05 - PIC 16C63 Midi controlled Light dimmer - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
No other info is available.

2000-03-05 - Super Annoying Musical PIC Thing - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
It plays "Oh When The Saints Go Marching In" incessantly.

2000-03-05 - White Noise, Octave synthesizer, MIDI trigger - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
No other info is available.


2000-03-05 - 50 MHz microwattmeter - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The meter uses a AD606 as log-converter, a MAX186 as ADC, a PIC16C84 as controller and a HD44780 type LCD. The PIC measures frequency and level of the input signal and calculates level in dBm using frequency-dependant factors.

2000-03-05 - 7-digit Counter/Digital Scale - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Works up to 35MHz based on PIC16x84.

2000-03-05 - BayCom Packet Radio - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
PIC-based 9600/19200 baud modem including schematics.

2000-03-05 - Morse Code Keyers - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Schematics & PCBs are available.

2000-03-05 - NHRC Repeater Controllers - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
No other info is available.

2000-03-21 - Packet Radio Encoder - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
16F84 construction plans in PDF format.

2000-03-05 - PicCon - Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
PicCon is a PIC microcontroller based radio controller designed for hidden transmitter hunting. When combined with a radio transmitter, it will produce tone sequences and Morse code messages at user-programmed times.

2000-05-07 - PLL Frequency Synthesiser Chip Code - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Look under 'Software' for for code for controlling the Philips TSA6057 or TSA6060 PLL frequency synthesiser chips.

2000-10-21 - PSK31 Audio Receiver - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This version uses a MicroChip PIC18C252 processor running at 40 Mhz. As the 18Cxx2 series has a hardware multiply it is capable of quite useful DSP functions.

2000-03-05 - S51KQ Hardware & Software - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Lots of Radio Amateur Schematics containing PICs.


2000-03-05 - Autonomous Mini Robot "Alice '99" - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
An extremely small (22mm x 20mm x 19mm) PIC16F84 mobile robot.

2000-03-05 - Cheap Ultrasonics - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
No other info is available.

2000-03-05 - Nix's PIC based sonar system - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
There are several PIC based ultrasonic ranging systems available on the Net, but all of them use the hard-to-get Polaroid ultrasonic module. So he decided to make a device that will use standard ultrasonic transmitter and receiver modules.

2000-03-05 - PIC Based Speed Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The PIC's high speed, low cost, and low power requirements lend it to being an inexpensive "smart chip" controller for DC motors.

2000-03-05 - PICBots - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Free PIC-based robotics simulation software.

2000-03-05 - Robotics PIC Projects - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Various little PIC-based gadgets.

2000-03-15 - Sean's Ultrasonic Ranger - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
The current prototype works up to about 10 feet and uses a 16F84.

2000-03-05 - Stepper Motor Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This design by Peter Lynch allows controlling a stepper motor with a PIC 12c509.

2000-03-05 - Ultrasonic Ranging System - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Also, a simple stepper motor controller and other circuits.


2000-03-17 - Dan's Servo Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
16F84 serial,6 servo controller,No jitter, 9600 baud. Uses a serial receive and a handshake signal to coordinate serial transfers.

2000-03-17 - Dennis Clark's Servo Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
12C508 code that will take a single byte of serial data at 2400 baud and control the chosen servo with one of 64 possible settings X 4, max 252. The two MS bits choose the servo, 0-3 and the LS 6 bits the 64 positions.

2000-03-05 - Eric's Servo Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Two PIC16c84's are used to control up to 14 servos from a serial input.

2000-03-17 - Mark Sullivan's Servo Controller - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Drives 8 servos from serial input. The unit is capable of receeving serial commands at full speed concurrently with generating servo output pulses. Multiple units can be bussed to operate up to 64 servos from a single host serial port. No handshaking is used or required.

2000-03-05 - PIC-SERVO motion control - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Various ICs or complete boards are available.

2000-05-19 - Reynolds Electronics - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Schematics and software for controlling 8 servos.


2000-03-20 - 3chip Video Descrambler Page - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Includes some Scenix programmer designs. Here's a mirror.

2000-03-05 - Black & White Video Generator - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
A schematic of a PIC-based video generator.

2000-03-05 - Closed Caption Decoder, Pick-Tock Video Clock, & PIC-Pong Video Game - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
MANY other PIC projects as well.

2000-09-13 - Pong & Tetris Video Games - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Source code, compiled files, layout and other stuff. (It contains both the PAL and the NTSC versions of pong.)

2000-03-05 - PSX Mod Chips - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Sony Playstation & DVD support products.

2000-04-11 - Video Clock/Message Generator - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Schematic, PCBoard layout, parts list, and construction notes. Uses 16F84 & STV5730 video overlay chip.

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