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2009-07-27 - Printer emulator for Gameboy Advanced + Xport - Posted by: Jacques Pelletier
This is a printer emulator that connects to a PC for testing purposes. It runs on a Gameboy Advanced or GB Advanced SP, equipped with the Xport board from Charmed Labs.
The code can be eventually reused on other platforms and for other applications which needs to use the parallel port interface.

2009-07-17 - Software tool for communication development with GBA - Posted by: Jacques Pelletier
Protocoltool is a software tool to develop communications over several interfaces; the Gameboy advance is supported by using the Xboo cable on a parallel port.

2008-06-04 - ReBoy v1.0a Sequencer - Posted by: lsl
Here's the first version of a sample-based,7 channels, 16 step-sequencer for the Gameboy Advance (not tested on NDS):


2008-03-08 - BITS#2001 sine dots v20080127 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Herman Samso
This is the 2nd production by BITS for the GameBoy Advance. It is a little intro showing a new font and a sine dots effect. It also plays a random/functional music.
In the original machine the intro is a bit too dark. |-)


2008-03-08 - PDRoms Coding Competition #3.99 - 24.01. - 02.03.2008 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Kojote
Hello everyone!

It’s time for a new coding competition powered by PDRoms - one of the supported systems is Gameboy Advance, which might be related to this place ;)

All the detail information you need will be public on 24th January 2008 at the PDRoms webboard, in particular here:

All I can say for now… “4 colors are enough!” – Spread the word and join the challenge!

2007-11-02 - GBA-Notepad v07-1027 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: David W
Instead of a videogame, this is a useful NOTEBOOK for Gameboy Advance.

You can download it here; Self-Extracting WinRAR (873k), 5 files:

You can type notes in 59-pages, choose 30 or 60-characters across, and can change the background picture for each page.

2007-06-19 - Talisman GBA - Posted by: oldschoolgamr
My game is a complete port of the Talisman 3rd edition boardgame to the Nintendo GBA. The game is a fantasy adventure game with a random card mechanic. I used HAM, HEL, Krawall and other code snippits for the 2+ year production process (still bug hunting and finalizing - but it is quite playable as is). - Computer controlled AI - Over 400+ cards coded - Complete solo play rewards feature -Hardware save

Visit my site for the download!

2007-02-09 - Christmas Challenge 3D Game - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Nagame
The dwarves of the Playeradvance forum removed the mother Christmas!

Santa Claus, you must found your wife! Eliminate the 64 dwarves and finds mother Christmas with the key select.

Active member of the French community the rom was introduced like gift at the members of the community.

Playing the Game:
Control-Pad - Move the main player
A - Fire
SELECT - View mother Christmas

2006-12-20 - Dinamise v0.1 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Avelino Herrera Morales
This is my first release of DINAMISE: A tracker-style MIDI sequencer for the MIDI out interface I have built for the GBA.

The MIDI out interface is now by its second version. Go to this url for further info about the new hardware version. Build it and enjoy with DINAMISE! :-)

2006-11-26 - ProDG for Game Boy Advance (devkit for sale) - Posted by: GBAtools
ProDG for Game Boy Advance is SN Systems' suite of fully featured tools that enable you to build and debug your game titles for the Game Boy Advance.

All works very nicely; have used it myself for projects (both personal and professional jobs). I'm now focused on PC casual development, so this kit is no longer needed. I believe it cost around £4,500 new. I am open to offers. Thanks.

2006-09-08 - Qwak, now on GBA - Posted by: GBAtools
Hi Guys,

Head over to Grab your copy of 'Qwak demo' for the GBA, tell a friend (it's fun), and if you really want to, register your interest in getting the full version of Qwak for the GBA (not available in the shops). Hurry though, only 300 copies of this unique game available. Could be a collectors item?

2006-07-29 - Xor for GameBoy Advance v1.03 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Mick Waites
I am pleased to finally announce that I have released Xor version 1.03 for GameBoy Advance.

This version has a fix for the three new levels that had problems in version 1.02.

This new version, as before, works with your old saves. IE all you progress won't be lost by downloading this new version.

There is also one other fix in this version. I'd managed to revert the level "The Decoder" back to it's original state when I added the new levels to version 1.02.

2006-07-20 - GBAccelerometer now available - Posted by: Keith Epstein
The GBAccelerometer, a tri-axis accelerometer for the GBA that I developed, is now available for purchase from It can be used for creating tilt and motion sensitive games. Source code examples are provided.

2006-06-10 - Xor GBA v1.02 - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Mick Waites
There is a new version of GBA Xor available for download. This version has 15 additional levels taken from the Amiga game "Prospector in the Mazes of Xor" which were kindly provided by Andrew Hayes.

It can be downloaded from the usual place, follow the links on my website.

2006-05-17 - MIDI out interface for GBA - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Avelino Herrera Morales
I have built a MIDI out interface for the Gameboy Advance using a 2-player link cable, two resistors and a female DIN-5 plug :-). All the syncing work is made by software (timer interrupts) and there is an example open source application that sends some example MIDI messages.

2006-05-16 - Catapult v1.50 released! - Posted by: Michael Shamgar
The long-awaited Catapult v1.50 has been released. This is the first 'fully-featured' freeware release, with the following core features:
- new networking system
- level object support
- new commands
- three new demo projects
- updated users guide, etc...

2006-04-12 - Brand New Game Ex:Machina Version Deux.- Win Konami Krazy Racers for Gameboy Advance - Posted by: Lewis Revill
Hello everybody. Id just like to promote my first game i have made. Its an action game much in the same vane of Devil May Cry except in 2D. Ive had some good comments so far, but please tell me what you think as I want to get better at making games and this is the only way! Also im currently running a competition which is explain on the website to win Konami Krazy Racers for the GBA. So to download the game and read up on Ex:Machina Games visit I hope u enjoy

2006-02-21 - Xor GBA - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Mick Waites
A remake of the classic puzzle game Xor is now available for the GBA. The game features 15 mindbending, surreal levels which start of quite difficult and get harder and harder. The game will run on hardware and emulators and is completely free and fully functional.

2005-11-26 - Season Stacker Demo now available for download - [PHOTO] - Posted by: luvcraft
This is the demo version of "Season Stacker", my first attempt at a commercial GBA game and (as far as I know) the first GBA submission to the IGF competition. Feedback, comments, and questions are welcome. Based on how well it does in the competition, I'll be trying to get the full version published soon afterward.

2005-11-16 - Tetrigram 1.0 released with more puzzles - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Didou
Hi, Tetrigram 1.0 is finally released. This new version contains more puzzles, thank to Benoît Japin who kindly provided several puzzles.

Sources and binaries are available on my "creation" page. Enjoy, -- Didou

2005-10-09 - Catapult v1.42 Released - Posted by: Michael Shamgar
Nocturnal has just released Catapult v1.42. This is the first full release for 12 months, and includes many updates and fixes over the previous release.

New features include multiplayer support, project management extensions, improved script editor, new compression formats, improved tools and much more.

The package also includes a full update to the users guide, new sample projects and updated GBA ROMs.

A freeware version can be downloaded from the Nocturnal website.

2005-10-07 - Tetravex for GBA released - Erratum - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Didou
Hi, Just to correct the URL of Tetravex: Sorry. -- Didou

2005-10-07 - GBA Uart Serial Cable - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Pete
A lead for the GBA that can be connected to RS232 port device.

2005-10-01 - WayForward Technologies is hiring! - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
They are looking for a 2D Gameplay Programmer that can work in the Valencia, CA area. Check this page for more info!

2005-09-24 - Development post-mortem for 'Ultimate Arcade Games' available - Posted by: Michael Shamgar
A development post-mortem is available for download, for the Nocturnal Entertainment developed GBA title 'Ultimate Arcade Games'. The document covers GBA development pitfalls, finding publishers, game design, the Nocturnal development model and more.

Also, CSL 1.8 (Catapult Standard Library) is available for download. The latest version includes a particle manager and music tracking system.

Catapult v1.42 will be released within a fortnight.

2005-09-24 - The Fastest GBA CART Extraction System - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Yuichi Oda

Finally, we developed "The fastest GBA CART Extraction System". It can reach over 7.0MB/Sec from CART to PC.

2005-09-23 - FPC 4 GBA + Tools - Posted by: Francesco
FPC 4 GBA is the *FIRST* pascal compiler ever made that produces gba executables! It is based on freepascal and, at this time, it is in a pre-alpha stage. Gfx2DS and Gba2Pas are two image-to-header tools that support a wide number of graphic formats.

2005-09-22 - Tetravex for GBA released - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Didou
Hi, I finally release the 1.0 version of Tetravex for GBA (4-sided-like puzzle game). Sources will be available soon, I would just like to make a DS version before releasing them.

Cheers, -- Didou

2005-09-08 - OS Work Master - Posted by: nik
We did it! New Workmaster site is online. In nearest time all new information will transferred to new site.

2005-08-24 - Gameboy advance altimeter/vario and GPS - Posted by: Hari Nair
Check out for information on how to build your own altimeter/vario or a GPS updated map display using a gameboy advance.

2005-08-24 - HEL Library 1.6 released - Posted by: Peter Schraut
HEL Library is an add-on API for the unofficial Gameboy Advance SDK called HAM. It includes features such as large map support, dynamic tile reloading and much more. The most significant enhancement of version 1.6 is decompression support. Furthermore have a couple of bugs been fixed and new functions found their way into HEL as well. The new library package can be obtained from

2005-08-21 - Yoshi Topsy Turvy(TM) Sensor Info - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Amos Bieler
The ADXL202E is a low-cost, low-power, complete 2-axis accelerometer with a measurement range of ±2 g. The ADXL202 can measure both dynamic acceleration (e.g., vibration) and static acceleration (e.g., gravity).

Applications: 2-Axis Tilt Sensing, Vehicle Security, PC Security, Data Projector Keystone Correction, Alarms and Motion Detectors, Inertial Navigation

2005-08-13 - DevkitPro windows installer - Posted by: WinterMute
The devkitPro windows installer has been released. This application will allow you to selectively download and install components of the devkitPro toolchains and later update them as required. The installer/updater even checks for updated versions of itself and will download and run the new installer. It doesn't get much easier than this.

2005-08-12 - Looking for Pogoshell Developers - Posted by: ZoNE97
We are looking for GBA developers who are interested in picking up the pogoshell project. We have a comunity of people who are willing to help out and test. If you would like to try your hand at it, visit our site and download the dev kit.

2005-08-04 - DevkitARM release 15 - Posted by: WinterMute
DevkitARM updated * gcc updated to 4.0.1 * ndstool updated to v1.22 * base_rules bin2o now uses bin2s * bin2s updated to exclude file path from labels

2005-07-24 - DevkitARM 4.0.1 available - Posted by: WinterMute
A candidate release of devkitARM using gcc 4.0.1 has been made available via SourceForge.

2005-07-18 - NEW - GBAtools Tile Quantizer - Posted by: GBAtools
Tile Quantizer converts 24 bit images in to 8 bit images that contain 16 colour tiles (16 palettes of 16 colours each). This resulting 256 colour .BMP image can then be used with your own tools, or as input in the Tile Grabber component of Level Mapper.

More info here.

2005-07-13 - HEL Library 1.5 released - Posted by: Peter Schraut
HEL Library is an additional API for the unofficial Gameboy Advance SDK called HAM. The new version contains a lot enhancements as well as some bugfixes. The most significant enhancement of version 1.5 is a feature to reload tiles dynamically in order to allow the development of more extended levels.

HEL Library Website

2005-07-12 - DevkitARM release 14 - Posted by: WinterMute
Ndstool updated to v1.21 ds_arm9 crt0 removed iwram, made 0x02400000 - 0x02800000 non cacheable ds_arm9 linkscript uninitialised and initialised data go in ewram by default, sbss section is now in dtcm gba_crt0 fixed bss clearing base_rules bin2o macro fixed to no longer require data copy

2005-06-22 - PDRC #3.33 - GBA entries accepted - Posted by: Kojote
To celebrate Kojote's first quarter century of life on 20th June 2005, here is another competition. PD Roms Coding Competition #3.33. The compo will start on the 20th June 2005 @ 00:00 GMT +2 and will end 25 days later on the 14th July 2005 @ 23:59 GMT +2.

2005-06-20 - DevkitARM release 13 - Posted by: WinterMute
Updated to binutils 2.16.1 fixed errors in gba crtls updated nds crtls allow arm9 to write SRAM addition of pineight tools added Mr Spiv's gpd & dsd ndstool updated bin2o rule updated to include extension in array name

2005-05-25 - WarioWare Twisted Sensor - Posted by: DuoDreamer
For those of you that are interested, here is a link to the NEC-made piezoelectric gyro that is the twist sensor in the new game WarioWare Twisted.

2005-05-22 - DevkitARM release 12 - Posted by: WinterMute
Updated to gcc 3.4.4 updated to newlib 1.13.0 added nds crtls improved gba crtls added makefile fragments for gba/gp32/nds

2005-05-22 - GBA_OBD_Tool - Posted by: Pete
Software and Hardware project to communicate with a cars on board diagnostic system. Currently can display RPM, Speed, Temperture and Mass Air Flow from the engine ecu.

2005-04-20 - GBA WinS NotePad - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Francesco Napolitano
GBA WinS NotePad is a Notepad-like application for GBA WinS. People asked for a port of DanTE to WinS and a guy on made this funny NotePad. Enjoy!

2005-04-18 - E-Learning on the GameBoy Advance - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Ashley Bennett
A project to try and expand the way we think about the devices we have in our homes already. I hope to deliver the potential for a new market, specifically software to help teaching and learning in the primary school classroom.

This is e-Learning with the GameBoy Advance.

(Now with a new Host and URL)

2005-04-14 - Catapult v1.41.4 Released - Posted by: Michael Shamgar
Nocturnal has just released Catapult v1.41.4. This release includes full compression support for GBA ROMs, including ADPCM compression for sounds - and support for a user-defined sound cache.

This release includes more than 100 improvements over the one. It also includes CSL 1.6, the latest users guide, 10+ new commands and much more.

2005-03-09 - PandaForth for GBA - Posted by: Torlus
PandaForth is a Forth implementation for GBA.

One of the original features of PandaForth is that you can use the interpreter directly from your computer if you have a MBV2 cable, by using the "console mode" of the tool bundled with it.

If you don't have such a cable, you can still test the interpreter features on hardware or in an emulator, as PandaForth is able to "embed" source.

It is bundled with full source code.

2005-03-05 - HEL Library v 1.3 final available - Posted by: Peter Schraut
I'm happy to provide HEL Library v1.3 final, an add-on for HAM/HAMlib! The new version includes -a lot- of bugfixes as well as new functions and macros!

The complete version history etc can be accessed right here. Download the new libs from

2005-02-14 - DevkitARM release 11 - Posted by: WinterMute
DevkitARM now updated to gcc 3.4.3

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