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What's New?

2005-06-09 - - Posted by: Greg Smith is now the preeminant software development website for Cybiko computers. Fans and developers alike are welcome to come visit, browse, and post to the forums.

2004-02-24 - StormPlayer 0.8.4 Released - Posted by: Elliot Lee
Ssjx recently released a new version of StormPlayer, the Cybiko video player.
Stormplayer 0.8.4
* Menu now works as it should.
* VideoNow support
* Better support for the 1meg expansion card
* Extra menu option to view only start web pages.
* General tidying of functions.
For more, see the Cybiko Forums. Go to the Development section, and feel free to discuss any Cybiko programs or post any ideas you may have.

2004-02-22 - Dirt cheap batteries for Cybiko - Posted by: Kitsune
Electronic Goldmine has F5 size NiMH batteries on sale. Well, they are a bit thicker (and narrower) than original F6 size, still they do fit in classic Cybiko if you trim the ribs on battery cover slightly. Bonus - 900 mAh instead of 750. And the price is just unbeatable.

2004-02-19 - Stormplayer 0.8.3a - Posted by: Elliot Lee
Released at the end of October 2003, this video player for the Cybiko is the first of its kind. It offers fullscreen AVI playback, and has its own file format: CVC, or Cybiko Video Codec, a movie format optimised for the Cybiko. For more, see the Cybiko Forums. Go to the Development section, and feel free to discuss any programs or ideas you may have.

2002-06-18 - Cyucon.0.2.0 - Posted by: Charles Shapiro
Version 0.2.0 of Jeff Frohwein's cyucon program is now available at This version includes many enhancements and even a few bug-fixes over the original cyucon program.

2002-06-09 - CyBot - Posted by: Stuart the Great
Its a Cybiko connected to a SV203 servo controller board. The Cybiko sends out a string telling the board to move one of up to eight servo to some position. It can do lots of other stuff i don't feel like typing out, just go to to see watt the board can do. Its not done yet, but i can move servos around, so the hard part is done.

2002-01-19 - Hfractal V1.0 R - Posted by: Trevor Hardcastle
A cybasic (3) fractal program to generate a unique fractal set (the Hardcastle Set). Requires cybasic 3.

2001-12-22 - >>>Free basic Compiler<<< - Posted by: Professr
MadPrgrmr and The Professr have teamed up to give you a freeware basic compiler. The language is similar to CyBasic, but with more powerful commands for sprites, page flipping, and the serial port. The compiler takes a program and converts it directly to C code, so there are never any passwords. Download it at!

2001-12-02 - >> CyAIM - AOL Instant Messanger for Cybiko - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Greg Smith
AOL Instant Messenger is now available for Cybiko. Checkout the weblink.

2001-11-16 - Wireless CyICQ for Cybiko! - Posted by: Greg Smith
Now you can walk the walk while you talk the talk! DevCybiko has just released Wireless ICQ (instant messaging) for the Cybiko Computer. You need 2 Cybikos (one must be a Classic the other can be either a Classic or an Xtreme) to make it work. And they both must have B2C Passwords on them. Visit DevCybiko today!

2001-11-09 - Visual CyBasic is coming!!! - Posted by: The NewiSoftware Company
Want to make games more advanced than CGCS, but less hard as CyBasic, well we are introducing Visual CyBasic. It will be awsome. Save some money now by becoming a beta tester.

2001-10-19 - - 250+ Questions and Jokes - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Trivial is the first trivia program for the Cybiko to offer over 230 Questions and answers, plus interesting Factoids and 50 Jokes too! Not only that, but it uses .TRV files as input - so there will be more trivia to come once you're done with this one!

2001-09-23 - Website for drugwars 0.93 - Posted by: Corey
This is where my website is now.

2001-08-28 - CyGRADE 20010826 - Posted by: James Salvador
Download a free copy of the CyGRADE Molecular Model Set!

2001-08-28 - How to make unofficial programs to go onto your cybiko - Posted by: Mike LaCon
I have found a way to make unofficial apps get onto your cybiko an easier way. Just double-click on the application in windows explorer and it will say Open With? Or something like that. Then you click browse and go to the directory where you put Cyberload. Then double click on Cyberload, find it on the list it comes up with, highlight it, and press OK or yes or something. Now, when you double-click an app it will come up with mini-cyberload or something and it will be easier.

2001-08-10 - CyLinux Project - Posted by: Joshua Colp
The CyLinux project is dedicated to providing extensions to the existing operating system (CyOS) which will allow it to run Linux/Unix applications. Most positions are available, just visit the website and read.

2001-07-23 - Visual CyBasic Edit BETA 1 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
VCBEdit is a PC-based editor for Cybiko, Inc's CyBasic language.

2001-07-15 - Cy3D Demo - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
A simple 3D demo, a room viewer, and a room editor are all available here.

2001-07-09 - CyEmu v0.23 (alpha) - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Firefly's cybiko emulator is now running apps. This program allows you to run cybiko games/apps on your PC.

2001-06-16 - New CyBasic Website - Posted by: klugeroom
Http:// All CyBasic website. documents, FAQ's and howto's, messageboard, free code

2001-05-21 - 3d Graphics Functions - Posted by: Platinum61
Here are some 3d graphics function for CyBasic.I plan to do it in Cybiko C next.

2001-05-05 - Cycheat - Posted by: sam
A program to cheat on all your favorite games

2001-05-04 - C Framework for cybiko development - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
No other info is available.

2001-05-04 - Cybiko Emulator - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This cybiko emulator will allow you to run/test cybiko games on your PC. Here is a link to the main web page.

2001-04-14 - PEGS 1.1 - Posted by: Alex
This is an ancient french board game brought to Cybiko. No more (aknowledged) bugs, but email me if you find any.

2001-04-06 - #CybikoDev on AfterNET - Posted by: Kieren Johnstone
There's an IRC channel dedicated to Cybiko Development on the AfterNET IRC network, called #CybikoDev. If you need an IRC client, you can get mIRC here. Connect to (or any AfterNET server), and join channel #CybikoDev (with /join #CybikoDev).

2001-04-06 - A*Chat Wireless Internet Chat - Posted by: Greg Smith
The A*Chat system is a set of programs for the Cybiko, PC, and Linux. It offers communications from the wireless Cybiko to the Internet through a PC gateway. Two Cybikos are used to communicate with the A*Chat Server in a CyWig configuration. In fact, you can have several wireless Cybiko Clients communicating through a single Junction Cybiko.

2001-03-22 - The Neutral Zone - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This game is based on the many Star Trek series. Now in it's demo form, there are two ships flying around shooting at each other. (Similar to the Atari 2600's Space War and others) Eventually I'd like to see a multiplayer space game with many weapons, variable damage, a plot, etc. This web page is to document the steps in making a game and hopefully help others in the process.

2001-03-14 - >>CyBasic Tutorial<< - Posted by: Greg Smith
The CyBasic Tutorial describes how to program the Cybiko using either CyBasic-1 or CyBasic-2. It assumes no knowledge of programming a computer. There are many examples including a complete All-Text Role Playing Game.

2001-03-06 - WinBasic ver 1.0 - Posted by: Skipp
WinBasic is simply a win32 application that is used for creating and editing code for use in the CyOS program CyBasic. It teaches you how to write your own code and is much easier to use. Working in CyBasic gets to be very nerve wracking and boring. Try WinBasic today and learn to make your own games in 10 minutes! I hope to perfect programming soon and come out with MUCH better applications for your use.

2001-02-24 - Cyberload Workaround - Posted by: Jarrad Hope
This Is just a small work around cyberload for those who dont want to download a giant application (~2meg) soley for downloading games and apps. Also helpful for linux users

2001-02-22 - CyShot v1.1 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Take screenshots of Cybiko games or apps. Read readme.txt in .zip file.

2001-02-20 - CyMouse - Posted by: Kieren Johnstone
Hi! This is my latest project, CyMouse. Hopefully eventually many new Cybiko programs will utilise this standard for adding mouse functionality! Information, protocol specs, source code, all availible for download! Check it out!

2001-02-18 - Cybiko Screensavers - Posted by: Kieren Johnstone
I've started a website which will hold all of the Cybiko Screensavers I will make. It's just a collection of side projects I'm working on whilst doing the Cybiko RPG Kit :). The site can be found here.

2001-02-11 - Cybiko Console Utilities - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Are are some utilities to replace the SDK console program. I'm not quite sure how you use them but supposedly you can use some of them 'as is' without needing to compile anything.

2001-02-02 - Cybiko Bytecode Instruction Set - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Native cybiko apps/games use bytecode instead of assembly language. Here's a list of all of the bytecodes and their hex values.

2001-01-31 - Cybiko RPG Kit Website - Posted by: Kieren Johnstone
This is the website for the Cybiko RPG Kit, which is currently under development. The finished product will allow Cybiko users to create, edit, and play RPGs they've created for their Cybiko.

2001-01-31 - Cybiko Cafe - Posted by: James Harris
Cybiko Cafe was created by Cybiko Cafe provides Sharing and trading information about the Cybiko unit. Forums, Polls, Links, and more...

2001-01-28 - Cim v1.0.08 build 11 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Cybikoz Instant Messanger that allows you to chat with aol members (aim users coming soon.)

2001-01-24 - Version 2 Cybikos have more available file area! - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
About 80KBytes more available file area at the current time. The reason is that system packs do not take up much file space on Version 2 units.

2001-01-24 - Do NOT take your Cybiko apart & play with the LCD ! - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
This describes one hazard that's involved with taking apart your cybiko.

2001-01-23 - Cybiko Model Differences - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
There are subtle differences between the two current cybiko models that are explained here.

2001-01-22 - VTTerm v1.2 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
UPDATE: Bottom line screen scroll problem fixed. Here's a VT100 Terminal emulator for Cybiko. This is not a game.

2001-01-20 - WireFrame 3D v1.1 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here's a wireframe frame 3D demo by Justin Cornish aka TheCustodian. This is not a game. .app and .c files included.

2001-01-20 - Cybiko Memory Map - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here's the basic Cybiko internal Memory Map.

2001-01-18 - 1Meg Expansion Card Schematic - [PHOTO] - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here's the wiring diagram for the 1Meg Expansion Card.

2001-01-16 - VTTerm v1.1 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
UPDATE: Checks for ComPort.dl. Here's a VT100 Terminal emulator for Cybiko. Only cursor positioning & clear screen escape sequences are currently supported. You can also change the font size between 3x5,4x6, & 5x7 as well as the baud rate, parity, etc. Source code is included.

2001-01-13 - Small Fonts - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Here are 3x5, 4x6, and 5x7 fonts for Cybiko. These fonts can be modified and compiled with FontMake.

2001-01-13 - FontMake v1.0 - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
Cybiko fixed width font making utility for WIN32. Full VC++ source included. It's currently only useful for Cybiko developers making their own games/apps. Written by Ernest Pazera.

2001-01-10 - BullDozer Demo - Posted by: Jeff Frohwein
DEMO VERSION: ONLY 12 OF 60 LEVELS AVAILABLE. Bulldozer is an addictive puzzle game where you must push rocks onto targets. There are 60 levels to solve, so you have a bit of work to solve them all. A possible commercial version is in the works which has not yet been released.

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